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efflesh's Journal

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3:33, a clockwork orange, abba, airports, alan wilder, alcohol abuse, andy bell, angry robots, aqua teen hunger force, autumn, being twins, björk, black celebration, blood, blur, boba, britpop, burlington, cab rides, canada, cat in the bag, cats, cedar bark, chivalry, chourico, cigars, cigars on the patio, crossfade, dancing, danny elfman, darts of pleasure, de4med fetus, depeche mode, des moines, devo, dj goatass, drunken phone posts, dust the dog, eagles of death metal, eating poo, ebonics, elastica, elefant, england, enjoying the silence, erasure, exes and ohs, eyeliner, fall river, franz ferdinand, fruity loops, fuckyah, g.i. joe, gorky's zygotic mynci, graham coxon, grand theft auto, grape, harry caray, hating blonde chicks, hating your siblings, home movies, homodisco, incest, insomnia, interpol, japan (the band), kraft dinner, laptop, lcbo, leisure, lounge, love and rock, love in itself, love my way, malibu rum, martin l. gore, menswe@r, mike the cool person, missionaries of love, mix cds, modern life is rubbish, monopoly, montreal, mr. bean, musical collaborations, n.e.r.d., narcissism, neil pye, newport, not landing on boardwalk, oasis, orange, parklife, passion, people are people, photo booths, photographic pictures, piano, poetry sports & romance, premutos, prescriptioned glasses, providence, pulp, puppies, ramen, ranch, record shopping, rejected, rick, roses, sleeper, smirnoff ice triple black, some great reward, soulmates, sound pollution, soy crisps, space ghost, space the band, spacehog, spooning, stealing your mum's booze, sweaters, swedish fish, talking all night, tea, the creative control, the game of eyes, the great escape, the it girl, the kombucha mushroom people, the magnetic fields, the running man, the smiths, the sweetest perfection, the wedge, the young ones, ties, too cool for school, trashing dave gahan, troma, turkey sausage, union jack, unity, utmost respect, vanilla schnapps, vince clarke, violator, vyvyan, waterfire, will farrell